geophysical detection of water in coal mines

1Abstract—Although many geophysical techniques have been used to detect the disaster geological anomalous body in the Huaibei coal mine company there are still many mining disasters happening The main reason is that the coal seam is rich of water in Huaibei coal areas If the ground water Mar 19 2016Abstract Mine water and mine inflow water are closely linked to the risk of mine water disasters The relationships between various geophysical parameters and the volume of water in mine tunnels were considered by using an integrated suite of appropriate geophysical methods [i e direct current (DC) resistivity transient electromagnetic method (TEM) and the seismic scattered wave

Application of Comprehensive Geophysical Prospecting

And the distribution of mined-out areas and water accumulation in the coal mine are investigated in detail by using the comprehensive geophysical prospecting method of the transient electromagnetic method (TEM) and controlled source audio-frequency magnetotellurics (CSAMT)

The hydrological characters of deep coal stope were analyzed and the mine transient electromagnetism technique was used to detect the location of water burst structure According to the actual condition of roadway developed a survey device which was of small multi-turn loops and non-contact configurations to detect the deep coal stope Based on the transmitting theory of smoking ring effect

Detect water accumulation in small coal mine_Langeo Langeo/BTSK is specialized in the geophysical exploration instruments for different geophysical explorations as Detect water accumulation in small coal mine geophysical intrument for coal mine geophysical instrument mine 2014-03-14 Coal chemical makes for environmental

Detecting water-filled voids in coal mines Treasure hunting Railroad bed profiling Pipe leak detection Oil under ice detection Buried body detection in England Explosive mine detection by British Navy in Falkland Islands Detection of nondetonated mortar shells and other armaments in San Diego Table 2--Some potential uses for GPR in

Rock mass characterization is a key component of any mining operation in regards to optimizing the mine design as well as guaranteeing safety in the mine Although geophysics has for a long time played a crucial role in mineral exploration its use in rock mass characterization is fairly recent and continues to

Effect of Application of Transient Electromagnetic Method

of mining districts in coal mines detection of water passages inducing flooding of mine from water-accumulating abandoned mines high precision detection of water inrushing structures inducing flooding of mines integrated detection Ordovician limestone water [8~22] Its own specific exploration method and working technology have been formed

GEOPHYSICAL VOID DETECTION DEMONSTRATIONS By Kanaan Hanna Bart Hoekstra Jim Pfeiffer Brandy Uphouse – Known abandoned coal mine adjacent to an active UG room-and-pillar mine Georgetown IL 8 *Sonar mapping can only be used in a borehole that has intersected a water-filled void in the mine Performance Evaluation

Jul 30 2013While coal mining in the UK and West Germany is now much reduced these geophysical techniques have been taken up elsewhere in countries such as China Australia and the USA This paper provides an overview on the current status of the geophysical effort in coal mining

At present most commonly used geophysical methods in the detection of coal fires are the magnetic method and the self-potential method due to their low cost and high efficiency These two methods have been used to delineate many coal fires in China (Zhang 2004 Shao et al 2014)

Fault Detection in Coal Seam by the Channel Wave Method safety of coal mining sometimes even causes serious casualties In underground geophysical exploration methods the detection range of direct current and its enhanced high resolution direct current method is between 10 and100 m The exploration distance of transient electromagnetic

successful leads to the establishment of a new coal mine or the extension of an existing mine into a previously unexplored area The object of coal exploration is to determine the nature location and extent of coal resources in a particular situation such as a coal mining lease or a coal-bearing sedimentary basin and to identify the

Mar 01 2019The accurate and effective detection of underground goafs and their water abundance is the key to ensure the safety of mine production On the basis of the relevant research this paper defines different goaf types from the perspective of geophysical exploration and discusses the geophysical prerequisites for goaf detection

Mining Publication Field-Scale Void Detection in Coal Piles Using Resistivity Imaging Keywords Coal Electrical resistance of Lexington KY in which a geophysical technique known as vertical electrical sounding (VES) is used to scan for these voids VES operates by measuring the electrical field produced by a current in the ground at

Earth Conductivity Estimation from Through

A number of techniques are available for probing the earth electromagnetically with a transmitter and receiver where conductivity information is contained in the received signal [3-6] In the mid-1970s Lagace et al under the direction of the Bureau of Mines (BOM) conducted extensive TTE propagation measurements yielding the magnetic field (H-field) strengths at 94 coal mine sites []

visualisation of temperature gradients heated floors heat bridges insulation defects leaks or water infiltration control of foundations SIXENSE Geophysics - contactsoldata-geophysic Head Office - N3209 RD 1085 38300 Nivolas Vermelle France Paris Branch - Parc de l'Ile 21 rue du Port 92022 Nanterre Cedex France Southern Branch

Detection and delineation of coal mine fire in Jharia coal field India using geophysical approach A case study Rakesh Kumar Mishra1 PNSRoy2 3 4 * Virendra Kumar Singh1 and Jai Krishna Pandey1 1CSIR-Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR) Dhanbad India

Abstract Water-bearing goaves are one of the main causes for water inrush accidents in Chinese coal mines At present both the surface and subsurface geophysical technologies cannot fully meet the technical requirements of high precision detection for coal mines safety development and production

Abandoned Mine Voids Detection Presentation Focus Geophysical Manual Part I Geophysical GEOPHYSICAL VOID DETECTION DEMONSTRATIONS Part III – Abandoned Mine Voids Detection *Sonar mapping can only be used in a borehole that has intersected a water-filled void in the mine Performance Evaluation of Geophysical Methods

Geophysical interpretations were then verified with subsequent geotechnical intrusive investi-gations Comparisons of historical map records with intrusive geotechnical site investigations show care must be taken using map data alone as the latter mineshaft locations was found to be inaccurate Geophysical characterization of derelict coalmine

Coal mining - Coal mining - Coal preparation As explained above during the formation of coal and subsequent geologic activities a coal seam may acquire mineral matter veins of clay bands of rock and igneous intrusions In addition during the process of mining a portion of the roof and floor material may be taken along with the coal seam in order to create adequate working height for

Geophysical methods are generally classified as electrical potential field and seismic methods Each method type relies on contrasts of physical properties in the subsurface Forward models based on the physical properties of air- and water-filled voids within common geologic materials indicate that several geophysical methods are technically feasible for detection of subsurface voids in

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